Fees and Availability

Under 5 Daycare

We offer a variety of contracts. All year round, Term time only and also part time, full time and flexy for shift workers. Term time and flaxy may require a retainer which is half of the usual fee when you dont use the place in the holidays or other days needed for a flexy contract.


Fees include admin, resources and snacks within the setting. Parents provide wipes, nappies and spare clothes.


So that all children have the same healthy and nutritious food and feel equal we cater for all dietary needs whether ethical, religious or allergy. Breakfast is 40p and lunch is £2.


Hourly rate £5.00

Daily rate (max 9hr) £42


*Minimum of 2 days childcare booking and minimum of 5 hours*


Under 5 places - We have a WEDNESDAY available (23.9.21 updated)


Wrap around care places we have available age depending from Blackheath Primary School (23.9.21 updated)

Wrap Around Care

We offer a variety of contracts to cater for parents with older children.

Before school or after school session, Before and After school sessions, school holiday session. We can also cater for flexy contracts for shift workers.


Fees include admin, resources and snacks and meals within the setting. Parents provide spare clothes.


Before school (from 7am): £6.60

After school (until 5.30pm): £7.60

Before and after school session: £13.85

School holiday rate 8.30am - 3.30pm: £27.50


Additional time: £3.70 per hour or part there of


Teacher training days booked and school closures are at school holiday rate.


*We advise parents to book for school holiday contracts if they know they need them as our spaces fill up quickly and we cannot garuntee a place unless contracted*